News - 2020


First foal of the season born at Bellisimo

At a sunny morning the 17th of may our beautiful Idyllic Persona (Heniarth Quip x Idyllic Privalova by Pendock Legend) gave birth to a pretty colt foal by Littlewern Inky. We are very pleased with this first foal by Inky, He really put his stamp on the foal! 

His name will be called Bellisimo Parker.

More information can be seen at the foal page!


Haygate Flo -Jo joining the stud 

For years our interest was also in section C. After several years breeding and showing Dycott Jessie J, the choice was made to continue with the Section A. The blood goes where it can crawl and that's how Haygate Flo Jo came on our path. She is a daughter to Newgap Apollo who is a son of the beautiful Synod Armstrong.


Flo Jo's mother is Dhanak Prudence who needs no further intorduction.

Prudence won the 2019 C championship at the Royal Welsh Show,.

We are very grateful that Flo-Jo can come and live with us for a while, she is properto to Yorick and Cindy Wormgoor and is on loan to us to breed some foals with. She has been covered with Popsters Rocket Man for 2021.

Dhanak Prudence winning the 2019 Royal Welsh in capable hands of her owner Gavin Ingram - Comagely Stud

Popsters Rocket Man by Glynwyn Gift of the Gab.


Bellisimo Eldorado graded with a first premium at the NWPCS Stallion Show

We are very proud to announce that the 10-year-old Bellisimo Eldorado has been approved as a studbook stallion during the follow-up inspection of the dutch NWPCS. Eldorado was sold as a foal to Piet Geelen from the Heide Stud where he stayed until the age of 9. Here he bred several beautiful foals which unfortunately were never has been shown.

Fortunately at the end of 2019 he came in the capable hands of John Lambers via Harold Zoet , who prepared him to perfection for this show!

We bred Eldorado out of the beautiful Idyllic Elena (Pendock Legend x Idyllic Princess Leah), She has been with us for three years and gave us some fantactic foals include Bronze Medal winner Bellisimo Enjoy! In 2012 we have sold her to Sweden which was probably the most stupid mistake of my breeding career! We are really happy that Eldorado will staying with John for the 2020 season so we can use him over some mares